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Hi all, Marcial here.anselandmarcial

It’s been about 16 months since Ansel got home. Sorry for the lack of updates, but it’s not for a lack of great news! Ansel’s doing great; I dare say fully recovered!

He’s back in full-swing over at Monzo Speed, and ready to make your vehicles rock and roll!
Rollcage optional.
Unless you plan on rolling.
Then you probably want one.



Viva Las Vegas

Hello All! I am estatic to be reporting from Las Vegas, home of MommySue & Granddad!
For the couple of weeks prior to Ansel’s be released from Renowned Hospital, he felt and believed that his hospital room was in fact, the upstairs guestroom at MommySue/Grandads. Now that he has been home for awhile….. he needed to reconcile this. So here we are. I haven’t seen him since my last trip to Reno, before he was released and I must say….what a difference!….Jubilation!! He looks marvelous.
He is still having difficulty with his left side. Facial muscles on left haven’t yet awakened from their slumber, so only half a smile…I’ll take it!!!. Not blinking in left eye causes dryness & soreness but otherwise managable. Walking is slow and deliberate. Talking, the same. Range of motion in left arm limited due to broken collar, but stronger every day. Leg muscles also improving daily.
Attitude….full of gratitude! I love you, Ansel!

Home and Happy:).

Ansel is doing so, so well at home! Much to my delighted surprise, being home as been very good for Ansel. His memory is improving by leaps and he is just so happy to be there!!
He gets tired easy, but Val is in charge and making sure he gets plenty of rest periods throughout the day, YAY! Val has been so busy that she has not had much posting time, so I wanted to let everyone know how great he is doing….. and that it may be very soon that you will find a post from Ansel personally:).
Stay tuned for next exciting chapter of Ansel’s LoveLifeFreedom. <3.

The day has come!!!

Quick note to shout the news to the world…ANSEL IS ON HIS WAY HOME!!!!
He & Val have just left Renown Hospital and are headed home:). My heart is so filled with love and gratitude!!!!!!!

The day is near!!!

Our SuperVal has been by Ansels side and it is looking like she will be able to take Ansel home very soon! Yes, Ansel’s amazing strength and strong will have brought him to this point where the doctors are saying this could happen as early as tomorrow, Wed. July 18, 2012!!!……. While I am beside myself with anticipation & excitement, I must also force myself to be grounded and know that his journey does not end tomorrow. He will have many more months of rehab ahead.
His physical strength is returning at overwhelming speed, he can get dressed, walk, talk, and eat by himself. This is huge, considering where he was at just a few short weeks ago. His next challenge will not be as tangible. When I talk with him on the phone, he still believes he is in the upstairs guest room at my parents home….and asks me where they are. He knows that there is good Chinese food downstairs, and can’t quite figure out why they are making him stay upstairs and eat hospital food?…….??
Ok, I am really looking forward to laughing hysterically back at this in a few years;).
So….moving forward!!!! Tomorrow, he may be coming home. Now, I know there are many local folks who want, and have been waiting to just hug him to pieces as well as those who will be sending huge hugs from afar….and ok, some who may just want to do some foreign knuckle banging macho thingy, BUT…
I ask that you “spread the wealth”!  Val is intending to take him on many visitation outings, and so long as his strength holds up, will stop by as many homes to visit as many as possible. If you’d like, feel free to leave Ansel or Val a text and let them know your availability. Please understand that she will do the very best she can but it may take several outings to visit everyone. Meanwhile, please continue sending all the love, light & prayers!
May we all be better beings because we have touched each others hearts, I know I am because of all of you!  Much love back to each one of you!
Namaste, Jasmine

Just a stroll in the park

Greetings to another fine summer Thursday. Ambient temp outside Reno Renown ~ 100• F…inside the Neurology Ward ~ 75.5 F. Ansels body temp 98.5. As we witness the summer days getting incrementally shorter, Ansel notices his days getting longer. For instance, since the last time yours truely experienced visitation lengths with Ansel, it was the last day of June.

Now , I can eagerly report Ansels daily wellness, social calendar and innocence is well intact and thankfully, physically recovering rapidly. With the daily intake of some pharmaceutics Ansel can take advantage of his 28 yr old youthfulness and utilize the prescriptions of “Lovenox”…a widely used blood thinner, “Pepcid”…to prevent stomach ulcers, “Culturelle”…an antibiotic and “Depalene”…typically given to head trauma victims to help prevent seizures. All the above gives rise to Ansels wellness and calculated recovery process.

The social calendar in this Neurology Ward can be quite complex, the opposite is true in Ansels world. The word is “systematic”. Here’s a rundown of yesterdays schedule: breakfast between 0845-0915, 1000-1035…physical therapist exercises and stroll around the park, 1145-1230 lunch, 1330 -1400, speech therapy…after all that maybe we could wheel I’m a nap just before diner @ 1745. The days are not exact. Each morning is started differently: consider today was the first day Ansel enjoyed scrambled eggs and pancakes! He exclaimed to the dietitian that these were the best he ever had best pancakes he had ever had! Such innocence! Again, consider just up until monday, Ansel had been on a feeding tube, then Monday evening started on a pudding type frappe prepared food eaten and swallowed through a straw then the Wednesday morning welcoming committee to maple syrup pancakes! Wow all in one week!

“The last time I saw you Ansel, you had a trachea and intravenous tubes in your arms, an oxygen hose and was fighting pneumonia…look at you now…Brushing your teeth and changing your own clothes…Corrina your speech therapist says Starbucks on her, if you can practice the swallowing exercises and memory drills. With all the loving support from everyone you know and the forgiving many you don’t, makes that walk in the park look easy…”


Pictures will be worth a thousand word!

Hi all. I am needing some help…I need some pictures. I am working on some flash cards for Ansel to aide with his memory. I would like to start with pictures of friends and family. I need pictures of everyone but I need one person per picture. As we progress, I will add multiple people into the pictures. I think we will have different stages of flash cards. I will then have pictures of things he likes, places he likes etc., then lastly some memory stories to help him remember some special times with all of us. Please send me your pictures to or to my cell at 775-762-0698. Please make sure you tell me who you are. THANKS! Tammy (Marcial and Ansel’s Aunt Tammy)

Independence Daze

Call me crazy, but I always thought independence day was July 4th. Here it is: the evening of July 3rd, and I’m watching fireworks from Ansel’s new room on the ‘neuro-floor’. The booms and thuds of the fireworks exploding outside don’t appear to phase Ansel in the slightest. I suppose I couldn’t blame him — he had an enormous day!

When Liz and I arrived, Ansel wasn’t restrained, nor was he tethered to anything! Both the intravenous drips and the feed tube up the nose were absent. Using the auntie-proxy, Ansel even requested we bring him a milkshake!

We were able to load him up in one of those fancy wheelchairs (two words: wheelie bar) and take a stroll as soon as we got here. Ansel was able to move himself around, including getting into and out of the wheelchair. As such, the biggest concern at this point is making sure we’re there to guide and protect him. He’s not allowed to walk by himself just yet.

With a quick rolly-jaunt through the healing garden and after a few quick phone calls to the family, Ansel’s energy diminished rapidly. When we got back to the room, nurse Corrie informed us that Ansel still requires a little nightly intravenous antibiotics — apparently he’s still fighting the pneumonia. Although vocally resistant to being poked and prodded (more than he already has been!), Ansel seemed quite calm when I held his hand and diverted attention. At present, he’s back to his tether. The nurse also mentioned that if we’re going to fall asleep or otherwise not be at attention, that Ansel should have his restraints on.

All in all, Ansel’s still sprinting to the finish of this battle; and so far as I can tell, he’s barely breaking a sweat.

Here’s to a most excellent day of independence.

Home Run!

There are no winners in the latest round of WWF Hospital Wrestling division.
After many rounds of wrestling Ansel to stay in bed, all parties exhausted! At about 11:00 pm he managed to slip both legs off the bed and was held in bed only by his arm restraints. Nurses lifted him back on and re-secured him to bed and I’m sure went to have their blood pressure checked! I remained next to Ansel only to watch him continue the fight till wee hours of morning…..where does he get the energy??
But now back to the good stuff…..yesterday, we hit a triple and then a home run:).
No I don’t mean when the fireworks went off at the ballpark within sight and sound of the hospital, although that was impressive too.
I was referring to Ansel’s therapies. We got started late in the afternoon with the occupational therapist. She coached Ansel through getting his cotton pants on while sitting in bed, one pant leg at a time!!! And as if that was not impressive enough, she then had him put on both sock by himself….woot woot!  Right afterwards, the speech therapist started, and I was hoping to get to hear him talking. Alas this was not the day for that. He was not getting enough oxygen while the valve was in so the conversation would be put on hold. Next up, physical therapy. We sat Ansel in wheelchair and took him down to the hospital gym and I got to witness his great accomplishments! He was asked to lay on a therapy table and roll onto right side and then the left on command by himself. Then he did 10 butt lifts from his laying position followed by 5 more with one leg bent and 5 more with other leg bent. Then it was standing on his own and……WALKING!!!…..all the way back to room…..scored!!!! I am so proud and happy!
No more therapy now thru weekend, but looking forward to yet more improvement every day!  Way to go Ansel:).

Rubber Duckie

The current time….4:20AM.
Ansel has been having an extremely anxious night, constant battle of trying to “get outta here!”
Back up to while I was outside about 11:00am yesterday. I was in the hospital garden catching up on some phone calls and trying to get the blog written….venting away at how there has been no rehab therapy for Ansel …..when I get back to the room, I find the physical therapist was in just after I left, taken him to therapy room, and with the aid of 3 nurses, walked him back to room!!!! While this is a heroic feat on his part, to say I was a bit miffed that I was not called would be an understatement.
In the end he got a good workout, and ALL nurses now have my # at hand!
Then fast forward to the late afternoon, Uncle Rich joined us first for a round of ICU soccer, then eventually, along with Auntie Tammy, we all were able to get Ansel in the wheelchair and go for a marathon lap outside as well as around the neuro floor. This again exhausted Ansel and he fell right to sleep when we put him back in his bed at 7:00. Tammy & I escaped for dinner and I returned to find Ansel completely strapped to his bed, not only by his arms this time but also a leg and a vest that functions like a straight jacket holding him down. As much as I wanted to take this all off….I thought of the round with him earlier in the day when he flung his legs over the bed and all but stood up, leaving tubes behind and alarms going off at the nurses station summoning immediate assistance. I thought it was necessary for his own protection to keep it on because the next several hours were spent trying to calm him, and him kicking and pounding all around his bed. Then about 3:30am, the CNA came in with another helper and a pile of new linens/towels. They thought maybe a bedbath would help calm him. After his washdown and complete change…..he is now fast asleep!! YAY!!! Even without a rubber duckie, this was the bestest bathie ever!!
Looking forward to another beautiful, sunny day with my baby……..