Breathin’ Easy

I’m happy to report as of about 3.45pm today, the respiratory therapists decided to take Ansel off the ventilator!

This means:

– He’s breathing independently, without a machine to expand his lungs (the ventilator)
– He’s hooked up to what’s called an ‘aerosol’ — basically a humidifier, using the atmosphere’s oxygen supply
– There’s still a suction component, in case those coughs persist

Also, I was able to have the first conversation (albeit, mostly one-sided) with my brother since the accident. He was able to answer yes/no questions by nodding or shaking his head. Naturally, he seemed quite agitated and wanted to sit up. I explained what happened, where he was, and that he was ok — he calmed down and sat back.

I know this level of awareness is pretty transient at this stage, so we’ll probably have to go through this quite a few more times before it really sticks.

6 thoughts on “Breathin’ Easy

  1. april krouskoupf

    So glad to hear he is doing better. A small white board helped me to communicate during my recovery process. This is such great news.

  2. The Sokolov's

    This is so good to hear!!!! Good job Ansel! Everyday just keeps getting better and better :)

  3. karen lycett

    wow, great news!! I have to laugh about maybe some more versed for the ct scans, I used to do the am scans, and yes the versed does wonders for getting good images for the docs!

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