It’s Friiiidaaaaaay

Big thanks to Wes for this awesome picture! This is Ansel in his element.

Another solid, mostly uneventful night last night.¬†Ansel did manage to remove his feeding tube at one point. I’m sure that felt awesome; but we need him to keep that for now, so nurse Steve had to re-plant it. I’m sure that felt less than awesome. This brand of disorientation is par-for-the-course for these types of head injuries, but Ansel seems to settle immediately after knowing his friends and family have come together so well for him.

This morning, we sync’ed up with nurse Charlie. She mostly reiterated what we’ve already seen — still on the 3% saline, with the salt additive in his food (to help the brain drain that fluid), didn’t need Versed over night, and the aerosol is working very well (95-100% blood:oxygen content — healthy normal numbers). It’s just about 10am here in Reno, which puts Ansel at a grand total of about 19 hours since he swapped from the ventilator to the aerosol. If he continues to do this well, he may be ready for the smaller trache-tube by 48 hours!


4 thoughts on “It’s Friiiidaaaaaay

  1. Dale & Shanen Ruppel

    We are so sorry to hear about Ansel. Our most heartfelt prayers and positive thoughts are with him and his family. Tell him to hurry up and get better soon. He is the only person we will allow to weld on our Mog!!! Ansel is the best!!! <3

  2. Sydney

    Great news! Keep fighting Ansel, we love hearing how much progress you’re making! Love you! Sydney

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