Bad Medicine is what he needs!

Good Morning friends and family,

Pretty sure Ansel has become knocked-turnal, haha!  He was up all night, thrashing around in his bed.  I just didn’t have the heart to keep him in his restrants.  At times, I leave him unrestrained for as long as I can bare, but this means I have to wrestle him as he pulls at his oxygen mask, feeding tube, catheter, and tangles himself in a mess of IVs, wires and tubes.  He is showing more and more of his ornery self, and he’s getting stronger and stronger with each wrestling match.  I, however, am getting weaker and weaker the less I sleep.  Nurse Dawn suggested Ansel needed to go for a long walk — more for me than him.  Thank you!  With Dawn and Scott helping to hold up his weight, Ansel took a walk all the way around the ICU unit.  Fantastic progress!

After his long walk, Ansel was tired but still fighting.  After trying everything I know to calm him down, I asked him if maybe some music would help him sleep.  Here is how the converstion went……

Me: Ansel, would music help you sleep?
Ansel:  Yes, music would be good.
Me:  Okay, what would you like to listen to?
Ansel:  Bon Jovi.
Me: haha, thats funny, you dont like Bon Jovi.
Ansel:  I want some fuckin Bon Jovi!
Me:  Okay, Bon Jovi it is, whatever helps you sleep
Ansel:  Thank you Val.

Believe it or not, he is now sleeping.  So, now I have a Bon Jovi station saved on my Pandora.


8 thoughts on “Bad Medicine is what he needs!

  1. Dad/Steve

    What are you talking about? Ansel hates Bon Jovi! Hopefully baby blue wont become his new favorite color!

  2. Jasmine

    Now I need to go look up Bon Jovi……surely it has to be mo betta than the head bangin’ punk he used to listen to!
    No more head banging for you, Ansel!!…, I mean REALLY :).
    ……and what, pray tell is wrong with with beautiful cerulean blue!!! LOL.

  3. Emily Boyd

    Val, you are the best. Walking and talking is absolutely amazing right now!! He is so lucky to have a bad ass Val by his side. I hope you are able to take care of you also. Bon Jovi? Ya that kinda hurts. Lol. He must be messin w us. LOL!! Xoxoxoxoxox!!!!!!

  4. Emily Boyd

    Oh yea, good to know he remembers the “F” word. Ha ha.
    I hope the fundraiser tonight goes swimingly. Wish I could be there but I sent a bunch of friends in my place. I have always been fond of how Tahoe takes care of their own. Love Always. Xo

  5. april

    I can’t help but smile reading these daily blogs. It is amazing to read how well he is coming along. Bon Jovi huh.. I am sure he will be laughing about that one later.

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