Straps to Laps!

I arrived here at Renown at 1830 this evening. Ansel was sound asleep. Nurse Jenna, commented that Ansel had a very stimulating day. Ansel was assisted with two strolls around the ICU this morning. The walk/about were done at separate times today. Since his leg muscles need exercising, the walking helped arouse his awareness and therefore this stimulus exhausted him. The “out n about” put him out in bed. Its amazing how much progress Ansel shows in just 3 days. Ansel saw sunlight for the first time on Sunday, albet strapped to an up right hospital bed/seat. Today he’s doing laps around the ICU. Ansels progressive recovery is quite inspiring. At the moment he is enjoying a 3% drip, fentonal button request and 28% oxygen through his trachea. No fever and beat pneumonia to a pulp. We are planning another tour around the ward at 0100. Can you just imagine Ansel strolling with the balancing help of two strong nurses wearing a blue h/gown humming to “Story of my Life” ? -Steve

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  1. Nellie More

    So glad to hear of the continued progress! Thinking of and praying for you all.

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