Another ICU Thursday…Not!

I was going to write about how well Ansel slept last night. I was going to share the fact that he only got one hit off the Fentonal 1 ml dispenser. My plan was to ask the question; how many nurses does it take to give Ansel a walk? Then, I was planning to share the sentiments of Ansels doctor. Then last but not least the news of leaving the ICU.
The good news is that all the above happened! Last night Ansel slept pretty well, except for the occasional rolling, tossing and flinging off his bootiesocks. The inflatable calf devices didn’t make it through the night either, however a 4 hour sleep session was welcomed. Hardly needed the fentonal, infact one shot was what it took to get it done.
The good news came from Dr Watson. After his morning assessments, Dr Watson told me he was planning to release Ansel from the ICU and get him a room at the Neuro ward. Same floor, same quality care nurses, just not as clinical. Ansel was on his way out of here!
However, before his mass exodus from this fine ICU brain trauma room 113, Ansel had a date with a couple of nurses ready for rumbling! So, how many Intensive care RNs does it take it to walk Ansel? Four! Ansel was coaxed, disassembled then reassembled by, Nurse Allison, Nurse Charlie, Nurse Tiffiny and Nurse Katharine. Ansels allstar team. The stroll was more like torchering a young kid at his first goat roping contest. Ansel was insisting to sit and not walk and actually being quite vocal. Charlie and Katharine kept the air assist canister from topping! RN Allison tried to steer the industrial grade wheel chair and RN Tiffany orchestrated the cheering squad! I ended up pushing equipment out of the way here and rolling pumps there. Couldn’t believe a hallway could be so cluttered! By the time this circus circumvented the ICU , the attending nurses with their patients all stepped out of their rooms to cheer Ansel on! This wasn’t a stroll, it was a race. Way to go Ansel, theyre already cheering for you!

3 thoughts on “Another ICU Thursday…Not!

  1. Kenny Pringle

    You just gotta know he’s a lot like his dad. I got the visual on all of this and can see Steve in here somehow. Like father like son?? I think so! Right on Ansel, rock on dude and we’ll go mountain biking again up top Tahoe’s beautiful mountain tops soon enough. I’ll buy lunch. Still praying for you and the family. For our God is the Great and Mighty Healer.

    1. family Post author

      Right on Kenny! God bless you and the guys at Parcel. Yes indeed Ansel was a hit w/ nurses…gonna be missed by the ICU. Tahoe Flume here we come…next year!

  2. Jay Domeny

    Ansel, you know we’re all rooting for you down here in Sac-town ! Keep up the fight! Your doing great! I want in on that Flume Trail Ride!
    Val you are articulate & entertaining. I applaud you for your high spirits during this vigil! Your son shares your strength of will & spirit. Thank you for your diligent posts! 😉
    JayBird (“UPS, Eppies Great Race, steadfast friends, Life in Feeders, Brothers by Fire”…’my relation to Steve’!

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