ICU Soccer!

Hello Friends & Family!  I am back in Reno with my take on Ansel’s update!
First everyone keeps telling me how good Ansel looks. Well, as his mom, I’ve always known I have 2 of the best looking boys around….(ok, Monzo are doing pretty good at bumping the top 2!) However, I just had concerns about how anyone who had just spent over 3 weekes in a trauma icu could look good.
Gratefully, all things considered….he does look pretty good … for his funky haircut!;).
In an effort to clean him up “for his mom”, Val gave him what turned out to be a partial haircut. He has some resemblence to a Polish rooster right about now (sorry Ans!) So I tried to get the job further along, and now have even a greater respect for Val’s brave effort to shave him while he shook around in resistance!! I did manage to trim more off, but somehow……what seemed like minor trimming has turned his room into a wooly mammoth cave….that kid has hair!
So meanwhile back to how Ansel is doing…well, I don’t have all the medical verbage, but here we go…. All his vitals are good (pulse pressure, temperature). His chest xray is ok, his blood work shows that he is still have difficulty retaining sodium so they are keeping that in his iv solution. Progress was held up yesterday (Wednesday) due to staffing issues at the hopital, so no voicebox session, no walks thru the garden (or anywhere). We did manage to highjack a wheelchair and took Ansel for a short stroll out the back door where he got to spend a few minutes breathing in freash Reno sunshine!! yipppeee. It was sure the highlight of MY day. He also manage to sit up for several hours in the reclining chair next to his bed. All this was enough to wear us both out, and think we both manage to get a bit more sleep than the night before. This morning, it is back to our continuing battle to keep the air/humidifier on the trach, Ansel’s continued resistance and pulling at his feeding tube, which results in having to change his smock 3 times because he pulls the cap off, turns the valve on, and then his “food” drains oll over him….over and over again.
A highlight today has been the 5 minute voicebox session…..I felt so bad for him because it caused him to cough horribly, but hearing him speak did wonders for me….even if much of it didn’t make sense, such as: Where are you Ansel?….Ansel: Phoenix;
Do you know why you are here Ansel?….because of the dentist…..and other such ???
Still, it did my heart good to hear him:).
Oh, so my sister Tammy suggested we pick up some squishy toys for him to play with, in an attempt to keep his hand busy doing something besides pulling on tubes. He now has a squishy football, spikey ball, and large squishy soccer ball!  Ok, so what is he suppose to do with these you ask…..well, our hope was that he would lay there and squish these to build muscle and stay occupied……BUT they are balls after all, so of course he has been throwing these things across the room, at me, at nurses……I go retrieve, give back, and then process is repeated. Hmmmm, great idea Tammy;).
Love & Light to all, keep those prayer coming!

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  1. Angelina

    I love that you guys all take the time out to write on this blog. I love that you all have a humorous side to all of it as well. I think about you everyday and clap out loud with every step of Ansel’s progress. Sucha wonderful and loving family he has. . All the more to fight for… Love you all.

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