First, A huge shout out to everyone who came out for spaghetti last Tuesday!!  What a great turn out!  Was so nice to see you all.  Sending a special thank you to everyone who helped organize the event, cooked the food, donated raffle and auction prizes, and much more.  Thank you to the Eagles Nest for providing us with such a beautiful location.  Thank you to all Ansel’s friends and family who showed up to support him, and to those who couldn’t show up but supported him anyways.  Thank You All!

It has been a few days now since anyone has updated us on Ansel’s progress.  Sorry, I think this is mostly due to his demanding every waking moment of attention.  There are many more waking moments than sleeping ones.  Ansel is very restless and spends most of the night tossing around in bed pulling the oxygen tubing out of his trache and pulling at every IV he can find.  After he tires himself out and takes a power nap, he is usually up for a small chat, some tv, magazine, or other type of mental stimulation. 

Ansel is more consistantly and quickly recognizing his family and friends.  He isn’t always able to vocalize it because he must take a lot of breaks from his voice valve as it makes breathing a bit more difficult.  When he can’t say hello he does wave, or smile to acknowledge us.  Saturday he made his Aunt Tammy’s day when he grabbed her hand and pulled it in for a kiss.  When Ansel’s stepmom Chris, and his son Monte arrived yesterday, he immediately recognized them both.  He gave Monte high fives and even thanked Chris for coming to see him. 

Today, Ansel took a little walk with the physical therapist to the door of his room, then back to a chair where he spent about an hour sitting up.  We took advantage of the sitting up possition and washed his hair for the first time in 27 days.  Im sure that felt refreshing. 

  Last night, Ansel’s nurse Gary informed us that Ansel is at about level 4 out of 10 on the “Rancho Los Amigos Cognitive Scale.”  You can visit and search Rancho Los Amigos for more info, but here is the outline of level 4;

Level IV – Confused/Agitated: Maximal Assistance                                                        

-Alert and in heightened state of activity.

-Purposeful attempts to remove restraints or tubes or crawl out of bed

-May perform motor activities such as sitting, reaching and walking but without any apparent purpose or upon another’s request.

-Very brief and usually non-purposeful moments of sustained alternatives and divided attention

-Absent short-term memory.

-May cry out or scream out of proportion to stimulus even after its removal.

-May exhibit aggressive or flight behavior.

-Mood may swing from euphoric to hostile with no apparent relationship to environmental events.

-Unable to cooperate with treatment efforts.

-Verbalizations are frequently incoherent and/or inappropriate to activity or environment.





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