Rubber Duckie

The current time….4:20AM.
Ansel has been having an extremely anxious night, constant battle of trying to “get outta here!”
Back up to while I was outside about 11:00am yesterday. I was in the hospital garden catching up on some phone calls and trying to get the blog written….venting away at how there has been no rehab therapy for Ansel …..when I get back to the room, I find the physical therapist was in just after I left, taken him to therapy room, and with the aid of 3 nurses, walked him back to room!!!! While this is a heroic feat on his part, to say I was a bit miffed that I was not called would be an understatement.
In the end he got a good workout, and ALL nurses now have my # at hand!
Then fast forward to the late afternoon, Uncle Rich joined us first for a round of ICU soccer, then eventually, along with Auntie Tammy, we all were able to get Ansel in the wheelchair and go for a marathon lap outside as well as around the neuro floor. This again exhausted Ansel and he fell right to sleep when we put him back in his bed at 7:00. Tammy & I escaped for dinner and I returned to find Ansel completely strapped to his┬ábed, not only by his arms this time but also a leg and a vest that functions like a straight jacket holding him down. As much as I wanted to take this all off….I thought of the round with him earlier in the day when he flung his legs over the bed and all but stood up, leaving tubes behind and alarms going off at the nurses station summoning immediate assistance. I thought it was necessary for his own protection to keep it on because the next several hours were spent trying to calm him, and him kicking and pounding all around his bed. Then about 3:30am, the CNA came in with another helper and a pile of new linens/towels. They thought maybe a bedbath would help calm him. After his washdown and complete change…..he is now fast asleep!! YAY!!! Even without a rubber duckie, this was the bestest bathie ever!!
Looking forward to another beautiful, sunny day with my baby……..

2 thoughts on “Rubber Duckie

  1. Kevin Cole

    The Blue Riders motorcycle club had it’s monthly meeting last night. I want you all to know the level of concern expressed for Ansel’s condition by the club members. Motorcycling is an exhilarating and dangerous sport and as such we feel a sense of fraternity with other bikers. We all have a strong emotional reaction when one of the fraternity goes down. We know recovery will be a long and difficult process but please know our best wishes for a fast and full recovery for Ansel are with you.
    Kevin Cole on behalf of all the Blue Riders

  2. Jasmine

    Thank you Kevin, Bobbi, and the mortorcyle club for your generosity and loving support and prayers. I look forward to the opportunity to thank you personally, for I know it is the amazing support and prayers that he is getting from everyone that is Ansels biggest healer!

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