Home Run!

There are no winners in the latest round of WWF Hospital Wrestling division.
After many rounds of wrestling Ansel to stay in bed, all parties exhausted! At about 11:00 pm he managed to slip both legs off the bed and was held in bed only by his arm restraints. Nurses lifted him back on and re-secured him to bed and I’m sure went to have their blood pressure checked! I remained next to Ansel only to watch him continue the fight till wee hours of morning…..where does he get the energy??
But now back to the good stuff…..yesterday, we hit a triple and then a home run:).
No I don’t mean when the fireworks went off at the ballpark within sight and sound of the hospital, although that was impressive too.
I was referring to Ansel’s therapies. We got started late in the afternoon with the occupational therapist. She coached Ansel through getting his cotton pants on while sitting in bed, one pant leg at a time!!! And as if that was not impressive enough, she then had him put on both sock by himself….woot woot!  Right afterwards, the speech therapist started, and I was hoping to get to hear him talking. Alas this was not the day for that. He was not getting enough oxygen while the valve was in so the conversation would be put on hold. Next up, physical therapy. We sat Ansel in wheelchair and took him down to the hospital gym and I got to witness his great accomplishments! He was asked to lay on a therapy table and roll onto right side and then the left on command by himself. Then he did 10 butt lifts from his laying position followed by 5 more with one leg bent and 5 more with other leg bent. Then it was standing on his own and……WALKING!!!…..all the way back to room…..scored!!!! I am so proud and happy!
No more therapy now thru weekend, but looking forward to yet more improvement every day!  Way to go Ansel:).

3 thoughts on “Home Run!

  1. Kenny Pringle

    Again, it’s so nice to be able to read the updates on Ansel. Although I only met Ansel one time when a group of us riders went mountain biking, I feel that I’ve met him more than that. I guess it’s because he impressed me somehow. He struck me as a young man I would like to sit down with and talk to for a while. And ya know I believe we will do just that! Get well soon Ansel, many are continuing to lift you up in prayer.

  2. Nellie More

    Awesome news to hear his progress. Thanks for continuing to update us. Keep working hard, Ansel. There are a lot of us on the East coast that continue to pray for you rapid and complete healing. We’re praying for your support team as well.
    Blessings to you all,

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