Independence Daze

Call me crazy, but I always thought independence day was July 4th. Here it is: the evening of July 3rd, and I’m watching fireworks from Ansel’s new room on the ‘neuro-floor’.┬áThe booms and thuds of the fireworks exploding outside don’t appear to phase Ansel in the slightest. I suppose I couldn’t blame him — he had an enormous day!

When Liz and I arrived, Ansel wasn’t restrained, nor was he tethered to anything! Both the intravenous drips and the feed tube up the nose were absent. Using the auntie-proxy, Ansel even requested we bring him a milkshake!

We were able to load him up in one of those fancy wheelchairs (two words: wheelie bar) and take a stroll as soon as we got here. Ansel was able to move himself around, including getting into and out of the wheelchair. As such, the biggest concern at this point is making sure we’re there to guide and protect him. He’s not allowed to walk by himself just yet.

With a quick rolly-jaunt through the healing garden and after a few quick phone calls to the family, Ansel’s energy diminished rapidly. When we got back to the room, nurse Corrie informed us that Ansel still requires a little nightly intravenous antibiotics — apparently he’s still fighting the pneumonia. Although vocally resistant to being poked and prodded (more than he already has been!), Ansel seemed quite calm when I held his hand and diverted attention. At present, he’s back to his tether. The nurse also mentioned that if we’re going to fall asleep or otherwise not be at attention, that Ansel should have his restraints on.

All in all, Ansel’s still sprinting to the finish of this battle; and so far as I can tell, he’s barely breaking a sweat.

Here’s to a most excellent day of independence.

5 thoughts on “Independence Daze

  1. family Post author

    The pix of the three of you, Liz, Ansel and you Marcial is heart warming and joyful! You all sporting smiles! Happy Independence Day! You are the Champions of Hope, Faith and Devotion. Thanks for the update Son! Get your little brother to do something real cool and have him put a big ole smile on his mothers face! Love you guys! D

  2. Jasmine

    In between the last 2 posts was a another testament to Ansels amazing strong will….here I thought he was the go-with-flow Pieces…..don’t let that shy boyish smile fool you! He deviously waited till Val fell asleep in the cot next to him….. Then with the gusto of any jailbreak, he pulls out his trach….no, not just the tube, the whole darned thing! Of course, this caused nurses and anyone within earshot to panic…… They did what emergency maneuvers they are trained to do to deals with a bloody mess such as this till the doc arrived. He ultimately allowed Ansel try it on his own…..and the rest, as they say, is an historical event. Val, you are my hero!
    <3, mom

  3. Kenny Pringle

    Sounds Iike progress! I must say that Ansel does not lack personality or character. It is said “you can’t keep a good man down.” So he’ll be up and running soon enough. It seems he is a strong willed man too, which is a good thing. I’ll continue lifting Ansel up to our Great Lord God and pray for Ansel’s needs, and of course the family also. Ansel is blessed with a wonderful loving wife and family, with that he will draw even more strength. Thanks for the updates, it helps us all in knowing what to pray for on a regular basis. With God all things are possible!

  4. anonymous

    Hi, just wanted to say that on July 3rd, the fireworks were probably from the Aces game (when they win they do fireworks)

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