The day is near!!!

Our SuperVal has been by Ansels side and it is looking like she will be able to take Ansel home very soon! Yes, Ansel’s amazing strength and strong will have brought him to this point where the doctors are saying this could happen as early as tomorrow, Wed. July 18, 2012!!!……. While I am beside myself with anticipation & excitement, I must also force myself to be grounded and know that his journey does not end tomorrow. He will have many more months of rehab ahead.
His physical strength is returning at overwhelming speed, he can get dressed, walk, talk, and eat by himself. This is huge, considering where he was at just a few short weeks ago. His next challenge will not be as tangible. When I talk with him on the phone, he still believes he is in the upstairs guest room at my parents home….and asks me where they are. He knows that there is good Chinese food downstairs, and can’t quite figure out why they are making him stay upstairs and eat hospital food?…….??
Ok, I am really looking forward to laughing hysterically back at this in a few years;).
So….moving forward!!!! Tomorrow, he may be coming home. Now, I know there are many local folks who want, and have been waiting to just hug him to pieces as well as those who will be sending huge hugs from afar….and ok, some who may just want to do some foreign knuckle banging macho thingy, BUT…
I ask that you “spread the wealth”!  Val is intending to take him on many visitation outings, and so long as his strength holds up, will stop by as many homes to visit as many as possible. If you’d like, feel free to leave Ansel or Val a text and let them know your availability. Please understand that she will do the very best she can but it may take several outings to visit everyone. Meanwhile, please continue sending all the love, light & prayers!
May we all be better beings because we have touched each others hearts, I know I am because of all of you!  Much love back to each one of you!
Namaste, Jasmine

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  1. Christian Boyd

    I am so happy to hear of Ansel’s progress, I won’t try to bang those knuckles, he’s can do that himself when he gets back to wrenching! Give him a hug for me.

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