Just a stroll in the park

Greetings to another fine summer Thursday. Ambient temp outside Reno Renown ~ 100• F…inside the Neurology Ward ~ 75.5 F. Ansels body temp 98.5. As we witness the summer days getting incrementally shorter, Ansel notices his days getting longer. For instance, since the last time yours truely experienced visitation lengths with Ansel, it was the last day of June.

Now , I can eagerly report Ansels daily wellness, social calendar and innocence is well intact and thankfully, physically recovering rapidly. With the daily intake of some pharmaceutics Ansel can take advantage of his 28 yr old youthfulness and utilize the prescriptions of “Lovenox”…a widely used blood thinner, “Pepcid”…to prevent stomach ulcers, “Culturelle”…an antibiotic and “Depalene”…typically given to head trauma victims to help prevent seizures. All the above gives rise to Ansels wellness and calculated recovery process.

The social calendar in this Neurology Ward can be quite complex, the opposite is true in Ansels world. The word is “systematic”. Here’s a rundown of yesterdays schedule: breakfast between 0845-0915, 1000-1035…physical therapist exercises and stroll around the park, 1145-1230 lunch, 1330 -1400, speech therapy…after all that maybe we could wheel I’m a nap just before diner @ 1745. The days are not exact. Each morning is started differently: consider today was the first day Ansel enjoyed scrambled eggs and pancakes! He exclaimed to the dietitian that these were the best he ever had best pancakes he had ever had! Such innocence! Again, consider just up until monday, Ansel had been on a feeding tube, then Monday evening started on a pudding type frappe prepared food eaten and swallowed through a straw then the Wednesday morning welcoming committee to maple syrup pancakes! Wow all in one week!

“The last time I saw you Ansel, you had a trachea and intravenous tubes in your arms, an oxygen hose and was fighting pneumonia…look at you now…Brushing your teeth and changing your own clothes…Corrina your speech therapist says Starbucks on her, if you can practice the swallowing exercises and memory drills. With all the loving support from everyone you know and the forgiving many you don’t, makes that walk in the park look easy…”


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  1. Nellie More

    Such great news to hear Ansel’s steady progression. Thanks for the update. We’re continuing the prayers for complete recovery!

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