The day has come!!!

Quick note to shout the news to the world…ANSEL IS ON HIS WAY HOME!!!!
He & Val have just left Renown Hospital and are headed home:). My heart is so filled with love and gratitude!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “The day has come!!!

    1. Lynn (Tahoe)

      Yayyyyyyy, congratulations to Ansel for finally flying the coop! And to Val and EVERYONE who gave and sent their healing in person, both did wonders I’m sure. Now starts more work. But you are all the strongest people I know. Ansel will heal quickly :-)
      Love to all,

  1. family Post author

    Big thanks for everyone! Thank you for all your good thoughts, prayers and loving visits. Thank you for having Ansel’s health a concern in your lives. Good job healing up Ansel. Now is the hard part. Cool part about this, is we will be there every step of the way… We love you all…Dad & Jacque

  2. Shani Zerby

    Wonderful news!!! The Zerby family sends all our love!

    Ryan (Zerby)
    Dayna & Wesley

  3. Johanne

    Way to go Ansel! We are so proud of you. We are also very proud of Val in her devotion to you and the kids. BIG thank you to Tammy and family with their generosity in opening their home and hearts to friends and family and visting Ansel nearly every day and taking care of the boys. We love you all.
    Brian, Johanne and Sydney.
    ps Happy Birthday Jasi, the best present of all is to have your son home.

    1. Jasi

      YES!!!….you know it:).
      and yes, BIG thanks to Tammy & family<3!!
      Val, you are my hero & angel 0:).
      And of course too, for all the loving prayers from around town and around the world…..our work is not done, Ansel has much more work ahead. Please keep sending him love & light!

  4. Nellie More

    I’m so thankful that Ansel has healed enough to go home! Keep up the progress and don’t get discouraged when you have a tough day. Each day starts anew. Blessings to you all and kudos to Val for all that you have done and will yet do. Be strong and work hard, Ansel and really appreciate that beautiful lady who has stuck by you. Would love to hear/see updates from time to time.

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