Home and Happy:).

Ansel is doing so, so well at home! Much to my delighted surprise, being home as been very good for Ansel. His memory is improving by leaps and he is just so happy to be there!!
He gets tired easy, but Val is in charge and making sure he gets plenty of rest periods throughout the day, YAY! Val has been so busy that she has not had much posting time, so I wanted to let everyone know how great he is doing….. and that it may be very soon that you will find a post from Ansel personally:).
Stay tuned for next exciting chapter of Ansel’s LoveLifeFreedom. <3.

3 thoughts on “Home and Happy:).

  1. scotty dunbar

    was up in south lake this weekend and heard the news…i’m so sorry..but glad to hear ansel is doing better..i miss you guys and love both of you very much…if you need anything you have my email and i’ll come running!!!!

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