Viva Las Vegas

Hello All! I am estatic to be reporting from Las Vegas, home of MommySue & Granddad!
For the couple of weeks prior to Ansel’s be released from Renowned Hospital, he felt and believed that his hospital room was in fact, the upstairs guestroom at MommySue/Grandads. Now that he has been home for awhile….. he needed to reconcile this. So here we are. I haven’t seen him since my last trip to Reno, before he was released and I must say….what a difference!….Jubilation!! He looks marvelous.
He is still having difficulty with his left side. Facial muscles on left haven’t yet awakened from their slumber, so only half a smile…I’ll take it!!!. Not blinking in left eye causes dryness & soreness but otherwise managable. Walking is slow and deliberate. Talking, the same. Range of motion in left arm limited due to broken collar, but stronger every day. Leg muscles also improving daily.
Attitude….full of gratitude! I love you, Ansel!

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