Here’s a few pictures of Ansel, the kids, and from in and around the hospital. Got pictures you’d like to see up here? Email Marcial!

We love you, Ansel!

24 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Sue Adair

    Sorry to hear of your accident Ansel. Stay strong & know that you are loved by family & friends. May you have a speedy recovery & be back to yourself soon. I will pray for you & ask others to join me.
    Sue Adair (Jacque’s childhood & forever friend) :)

  2. Lynn (Tahoe)

    Wow, I just now read all about Ansel. My heart, healing thoughts and positive energies go out to everyone. Sending love to the whole family and all friends of Ansel’s. Get well soon!!

  3. David Castillo

    Ansel, just ran into your pop, when I was in town today. Our prayers go out to you and your family. Stay strong and get well soon. We love ya bro!!!

  4. Your Auntie ... Nancy ... Tahoe Goddess

    Ansel my darling … I’ve known you since you were a little boy & consider you one of my own! I speak to you day and nite, knowing you can hear me! I will continue to be persistent and insistent that you WAKE UP for your Mama and Dad and your boys & Val & Marcial, who need that strength we all know in you. You WILL continue to hear my voice thru the ethers until you become present once again. I LOVE YOU! I love your family! Hang in there Jasi, Marcial, Steve, Val and Month and Enzo! Sending love and Light! Nancy

  5. Chuck and Tammy

    Hey Ansel hang in there. You are a strong, tough guy and I know you’ll nip this and be back on your feet in no time. My wife and I think about you and your beautiful boys, and pray that you make a full recovery.

  6. Your neighbors, The Alviso Family

    Hi Ansel,
    So happy we found out about your website. We have been praying for you since we first heard of your accident. We are relieved to hear of your progress! Not sure if you know who we are, but our son, Mateo was taking Gymnastics lessons with Monty and we also live close to you on Arrowhead. We will continue to pray for your healing and full recovery! Hope to see you and your boys back in the neighborhood soon! Blessings, The Alviso Family : )

  7. Monique

    When I got the call the day of the accident (CHP needed help tracking down family phone numbers), and I heard it was you, my first thought was “This kid is tough, he’s a fighter, if anyone can make it, it’s him”, despite only meeting you a handful of times over the years at Monte’s school (I work in the office). I could see the strength and “feisty-ness” that resides in you. I check here frequently on your progress and I’m not surprised to hear of your constant battling to get up/get out. Sending good thoughts for your continued recovery.
    Monique T.

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