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9 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. Jasmine

    A great big thank you to all who have come together this week, and are continuing to bring light, love and healing prayers to Ansel. This has been an unimaginable week and the love shown by everyone has made it possible to see it through.
    Although it is yet unclear how long Ansels recovery will take, what is very clear is the fact that he is an amazingly blessed man with incredible friends and loved ones. THANK YOU!

  2. Kim

    You are SO Loved Ansel. We need you! Your kids & family need you! May the light, healing energy & love of God take over to restore your body. Rest and heal in God’s love until you can come back. You are in perfect hands. We surround you with light. Love & Prayers are there for you. Nomiste! Love, Your Friend Kim, her angels & Yours!

  3. Lacey

    We are keeping you in our hearts down here in LA and Fresno. Grandma and I are looking forward to seeing you next Thanksgiving and know that you can make it through. Love you all!

  4. Avril (Wes' mom)

    Ansel: You have an amazing support system of friends and family! All that love, the wonderful medical care, and your relentless determination, will surely accelerate the healing!

  5. Nancy Curtiss

    Dearest Ansel …
    I’m still talking to you everyday and whether or not THAT is working … something is because your progress is AMAZING!!! It shows the spirit that lives in you! You seem to have this strength of will like Ironman or one of the superheroes! I read the updates every few days so I can see how your progress ranges. It’s obvious to me that one day you will read all those updates and see it’s as if you are shedding each layer of medicine and lfiesaving devices to emerge as the whole Ansel that we know and love and recognize. Keep up the good work darling “A”!
    And ‘family’ … you are AWESOME at your vigilance and love of this young man! After being a caretaker of my own adult child after a bad injury … I KNOW what you are going thru and the amount of pure love it takes to see this thru. You have all of MY light and love! Nancy

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